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Open Captioning

Open Captioning is a representation of accurate voice to text transcription (verbatim or edited) of the audio dialogue that appears in synch with vision on screen within video content such as Film, TV programs, TV Advertisements, marketing messages, community notices or company announcements.

The distinct difference between Closed and Open Captions, is that Open Captions are not user activated, but are always present on screen when content is played and traditionally burnt into the media.

Captions are an integral part of all Web published content and with an Open Caption format, the content can be published to any On-Line and Social Media platform with no limitations on meeting such digital accessibility on platforms where it is not accommodated.



Some Important Reasons Why You Should Caption Your Video Content

Caption File Formats

Create Media Access can offer you and your Video Content team support in tailoring a Closed or Open Caption solutions that meet your specific needs and publishing platform and can supply Caption Files in all formats compatible with the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, VLC, Adobe Premiere or XML, .PNG to name a few.

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