Create Media Access

Make your YouTube Channel more visible

Do you have a Branded YouTube Channel or do you embed YouTube published Content into your Corporate Website?

If so, you must consider this…

YouTube Closed Captions will increase traffic to your website.

Increasingly, customers are using the power of internet search engines to find products and services and as a result Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has become an important consideration and an integral part of any MarComms Strategy in all businesses. You may already be aware that Google ranks websites with video content better; but did you know that Google also indexes the Closed Captions created and up loaded by video owners? Google calls these caption files “Interactive Transcripts”, but they are essentially just a type of text file with time-code information and Google will look at the Caption file for keywords to match a user search.

Creating captions can be very time-consuming with no training; so many video producers and brand owners tend to rely on YouTube’s built in Automatic Caption feature to offer accessibility, but this automated offering is far from accurate and output tends to be very poor as it will often interpret music or sound effects as speech and cannot be relied upon for accuracy, particularly if a video has idioms or pop culture references.

Why not consider using a professional closed caption service provider such Create Media Access instead?

It’s not as expensive as you may think and your business will immediately benefit from increased:

VISBILITY – Content published on the web or platforms such as YouTube and contains Closed Caption files are indexed by search engines such Google & Yahoo, and such captions rich in keywords will immediately improve your presence and visibility on the web.

ACCESSIBILITY - Captions will make your videos more accessible to the Hard of Hearing or Deaf, English as a Second Language audiences or within the growing Public Space screening sector where Audio is not conducive such as Airports, Road Transport hubs, Gymnasiums, & Shopping Malls to name a few.

GLOBALISATION – To broaden the reach of your message globally, translation and subtitling of the content and message is key to exposing your brand and services in foreign international markets.