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Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning is a representation of accurate voice to text transcription (verbatim or edited) of the audio dialogue that appears in synch with vision on screen within video content such as Film, TV programs, TV Advertisements, On-line Video Marketing,Community and Corporate Company messaging and announcements.

In the Broadcast sector, these captions can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in Australia, free of charge, using a Teletext TV or digital set-top-box to activate the Closed Caption functionality whilst viewing a program.

More importantly and far more relevant to our current and increasing means of accessing content, Captions are now also an integral part of all Web published content and are used within video players such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, VLC and Flash, and now more importantly as a key Accessibility element added to such popular social media platforms as YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, and Vimeo published video content.

These captions are again user activated on most of these mentioned On-Line platforms that offer obvious benefits of making such videos accessible through the inclusion of captioning services. Marketing and communications teams are now well versed with the great added value associated with having text metadata indexed by all major search engines such as Google & Yahoo to increase visibility of this content on the web and greatly enhance their SEO & SEM Strategy.

Some Important Reasons Why You Should Caption Your Video Content

Caption File Frmats

Create Media Access can offer you and your Video Content team support in tailoring a Closed or Open Caption solutions that meet your specific needs and publishing platform and can supply Caption Files in all formats compatible with the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, VLC, Adobe Premiere or XML, .PNG to name a few.

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